The modern dental practice demands aesthetic, long-term, well-fitting and well-designed restorations with pricing options for both Digital and Traditional manufacture.

That’s why in our laboratories we work together with the Dental Practice, our highly skilled and dedicated Professional Technical Teams, state of the art Materials and Technology to manufacture highly aesthetic and functional restorations for all your clinical needs.

E-max monolithic is milled, stained, glazed and polished.

This material, combined with skill and experience, produces a wonderful outcome.

Layered E.max is pressed or milled from a fully anatomical shape, cut-back and hand-layered for increased translucency, shading, and colour matching.

Monolithic zirconia restorations are more aesthetic and translucent than ever before.

Hygienic, and gentle on opposing natural detention with a strength of 900-1200mpa they are also ideal for Bridges.

Layered zirconia is a durable option particularly notable for its all-ceramic and life-like beauty. Other benefits of layered zirconia include its high level of comfort and hygiene, good retention, and protection of adjacent teeth.

Our Partners include Ivoclar-Vivadent, E-max, E-max press, E-max Aesthetic,

Zir-cad prime, Bruxir, Zirlux anterior multi, and Vita Enamic.

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